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Targeted Hypnotherapy for Neurodivergent Minds

Trapped in an endless cycle of negative thoughts and self-doubt?

You're not alone.

Dealing with untreated anxiety, stress, negative habits, overthinking, and emotional ups and downs can make life feel like a constant battle. It's frustrating to keep falling into patterns you know aren't good for you, but  feeling powerless to change them.

Through hypnotherapy designed for neurodivergent minds, I aim to help you break these cycles. We'll work together to tackle those deep-rooted patterns that keep you stuck, moving you towards a life where you're in control, accepting of yourself, and free from those endless loops.

I'm Claire, a late-diagnosed AuDHD hypnotherapist specialising in working with people who have identified or been diagnosed as neurodivergent later in life.

Whether you're looking for ways to manage stress, tackle specific issues, or simply aiming for a more fulfilling life, I'm here to guide you with strategies that resonate with the neurodivergent experience.

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool, and can be tailored to to fit your unique needs. Ready to explore how you can live more comfortably and authentically? Let’s work together to uncover your strengths, overcome challenges, and put YOU in control of your emotional responses.

The unique advantages of working with a neurodivergent hypnotherapist.

Shared Understanding

You won't need to spend precious time explaining why your brain works differently—mine does too! I already get it. We can just skip that bit and focus on what we're here to do, making every moment of our time together count.

Outside-the-Box Therapy

Autistic people have a unique way of spotting connections and patterns that others might miss. This can help us piece together the intricate puzzle of your experiences, creating a tailor-made, targeted therapy that offers insights and interventions uniquely suited to you.

Come As You Are

Leave your mask at the door. Don't want to make eye contact? Neither do I. Hate small talk? Good, let's get straight to the point. Need to stim? I'll hum along with you. That's all perfectly fine and welcome here. You're in a judgment-free zone.

Sensory-Focused Techniques

Tailoring therapy to match your sensory profile allows us to work in a way that feels most natural to you. By utilising your dominant senses to communicate with the deeper parts of your mind, we create an experience that feels intuitive and deeply personalised.


Working with a neurodivergent therapist blends professional guidance with personal insight, offering a space where you're deeply understood. It transforms therapy from a formal process into a supportive journey, filled with empathy and tailored just for you. Here, each session is a step towards growth, guided by someone who celebrates your unique perspective and walks with you, every step of the way.

"Claire completely changed my life, there's no other way to describe it. Best call I ever found the courage to make. Decades of trauma tidied in 3 sessions." 

— Jo

Why wait for years to see improvement? Hypnotherapy provides rapid and profound changes in behavior and thought patterns, allowing you to experience significant progress in a fraction of the time.

1. Book a Free Consultation

This 20-minute online video chat lets us get to know each other and see if we click. It's your chance to ask questions and figure out if hypnotherapy feels right for you.

2. Identify Your Challenges

We talk about where you are, where you want to be, and how we can get you there. I explain how hypnosis works, and and we define a clear, realistic goal.

3. Create a Treatment Plan

Some issues can be resolved in one session, others may take several. During the consultation we discuss the best plan to get you to your goal.

Don't be put off if you're struggling financially—options can be discussed in the free consultation. I aim to make my services accessible to all, and try not to turn away anyone in need.

Initial Consultation


First Session


Subsequent Sessions


Session Packages

To be discussed in consultation.

Book your FREE, no obligation consultation now.

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